Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A day of lovely things

Today Becca, Ana, and I went on a round of shopping to several grocery stores (three!) and to the flower store. We didn’t have any real adventures, besides meeting this utterly adorable puppy. She was soft, fluffy, loving and playful. Much like Margaret!. She didn’t have a name yet, and her mistress was casting about for ideas. She had a name in mind which sounded like a cross between a Hindu goddess or a breakfast cereal, and which was definitely not the ideal name for this doggie. I suggested “Joanna” as the perfect name for this perfect little puppy, but her mum didn’t seem taken with the idea. She is a poodle and Cavalier King Charles mix, and I opined that this seemed to be a very felicitous combination. Ah! The perfect name! Felicity! Her mother said, “Come, Felicity,” and Felicity came. “Look, she responds to it!” Well, of course she did. It is the most felicitous name for her. Afterwards, we refreshed ourselves with this lovely flowering tea which Ana brought as a special treat. I have had flowering teas before, but this one was beyond beautiful. It was rather a miracle. So here it is for you to enjoy too, although not quite as much as we did, I’m sure.


joannamauselina said...

How do you like my picture?

Samos said...

Both pictures are great!!! Its a great framing of the dog. I took a winner of a picture of a doggy that was posed and framed very similarly. Funny... I also know someone named Joanna who is soft, fluffy, loving, and playful. :-)