Sunday, June 15, 2008

A sunny day - finally

Spiritually, summer is here. Memorial Day has come and gone, school is out, we feel done with winter and ready for something else. In reality however, the weather gods have been thinking otherwise. There have been gusty winds, blowing rains and rains and rains, and cold, cold days! Even I, a winter creature who dreads the end of spring and rejoices in the first red leaves of autumn, am a bit tired of it. On Thursday, I had a lunch date, and was not really looking forward to venturing out into the blustery weather. Additionally, I had to go to the Post Office (Grrrrrr!) and mail the package I had been going to mail a week ago – well, maybe more like a month ago. I stepped out, and the weather was resplendent. There was a glow on everything – even the post office. The woman who helped me was so charming and pleasant that she really made my day. Having the package finally mailed after a month of procrastination made my day even further. As the Post Office was in the neighborhood (sort of) of the Pike Place Market, I ambled down there to experience the feast that the Market is. Beautiful in so many ways, color, people, flowers, exotic and not so exotic sights and smells - so much to touch, taste, and admire. One of my usual stops is the Mexican grocery store where I often get Rachael and me a treat – coconut tricolor candy for her and milk candy for me. This time I got a sweet potato candy as well, and it was très yummy.


Samos said...

Wish I could have gone too! I, however, have been intentionally homebound - and happily so! Today I felt like a landscaping wizard, and that I could accomplish anything at all as long as the magical rays of sunhine still remained upon me. I love it! Finally! Yippie! :-)

lillian said...

Yum, that candy looks good. I was just in the market yesterday, and I totally should have stopped at the Mexican store and gotten some!