Friday, June 27, 2008

A rather piggy day

Alas, my usual story. I had lots to do, and somehow the day oozed away without me doing any of my planned jobs. Rachael was ill, and wanted to go out to lunch and have Vietnamese food. Of course, I can deny her very little, so we went, and I had my favorite - tofu tomahto. (Tofu in tomato sauce with rice ). Très yummy! When we got home it was nearly time to go to the Family Kitchen and feed the hungry. Usually one of the hungry is me, and when I arrive, I select a dessert to put aside for later when I am doing the dishes. This evening there was a cheesecake with chocolate swirls. I hid a piece in a nook near my dishwashing station. They were serving roasted purple potatoes with rosemary, and this looked much better than chocolate swirls, so midway through the serving, I returned my dessert to the dessert trays, and got a few of the pulchritudinous purple potatoes. This turned out to have been a wise decision, given the subsequent evening. Rebecca and I had a date to go for ice cream cones, and when the woman asked if we wanted small or large scoops, we both naturally said, “Large!” What she should have asked us was, whether we wanted “normal, or super humungous” scoops. These scoops were LARGE. Nonetheless, we managed to eat them. Then we went to Rebecca’s house to sample the lovely cupcakes she had made for a meeting at her job. Are they not beautiful? They were equally delicious. And vegan and gluten free to boot! (Usually a not so delicious combination in the realm of cup and other cakes!)

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lillian said...

Those cupcakes look really really good. I bet they rival her challah in terms of awesomeness/tastiness.