Thursday, June 19, 2008

A thrifty day

My auntie came for lunch today, and seemed determined to stay and stay the whole day, although I told her I had a lot of work to do this afternoon. I decided to entertain her by cleaning the refrigerator. This was one of the little jobs I had planned for today, and one I could do while she was there, thus killing three birds with one stone (a not very vegetarian sentiment) – entertaining my auntie, having pleasant company while cleaning the refrigerator, and not feeling resentful about not getting my tasks done because my aunt would not go home. I expected to find a huge number of horrifying food items which had taken on a life of their own, but there were only three or four. The surprising thing was all this mustard. My friend Tom had recently cleaned his refrigerator and found that he was seriously over-stocked in the mustard department. Knowing that I am an inveterate mustardophile, he brought me his extra. That only accounts for three of them, however. I guess I worry about the potential catastrophe of running out of mustard, and buy more when I don’t quite need it yet. While I was cleaning, I lamented to my aunt that I did not have a single interesting thing happening that I could write about in this blog. “Write about the mustard!” she said. “That's not even slightly interesting,” I replied. “Yes, it's really interesting,” she insisted. Actually, it is the most interesting thing in the last several days. You can tell from this that life has been pretty humdrum.
Oh! I did another task while she was visiting and brushed Margaret, getting out much of her winter coat. Dakki distracted Margaret with treats while I worked on her. She looks like a different dog. Rebecca used to thin her hair by hand as she and Margaret went on walks, and wherever I walked in the neighborhood, I saw little bits of Margaret by the wayside. I used a special plucking instrument (sounds like a harpsichord) for most of the job, and finished off by hand on Margaret’s evening walk. So there are still Margaret remnants on the sidewalks of Seattle.


Samos said...

I have some extra mustard you can have too if you would like... Now I know what to get you for your birthday! Great photo of Margaret... :-)

lillian said...

To be honest, I think you made the mustard story pretty interesting. Yay!