Thursday, June 5, 2008

A crummy day

I have been sick all week, and not done a thing except lie about and whine. Today I was feeling a bit better, so I determined to do three little projects done. Unfortunately, these all involved going to out of the house, and that involved getting dressed, and that was more than I could face. Pajamas are so comfy and comforting!
The tasks were all simple in the extreme.
• I have had a present for a friend sitting on my work table for about a month, waiting for me to stop procrastinating and mail it. I was determined to do that today, but mailing it involved going to the post office, and that involved getting dressed. So forget it.
• I have finished a pair of socks, and I planned to make a sock blocker as cleverly shown here, and then block the socks. This involved cutting a plastic placemat into the desired shape. Brilliant! But I don’t have any plastic placemats, and in order to get one, I would have to get dressed. So forget it.
• I also needed to return my library materials, but here again, it was necessary to get dressed in order to go to the library.
All pretty discouraging, n’est pas?
It was indeed really discouraging! So I made a sock blocker out of some Styrofoam poster board that I had on hand, and it worked quite well. The socks are drying now. I got the packages all ready to take to the post office, which was at least half of the task. I renewed my very-soon-to-be-overdue library books online. And, I managed to stay in my jammies all day.
My newly completed socks, which I was going to show you, are all wet, so here is the first half of my current mindless knitting project. I thought to make a pair of socks for the Knitters contest, but they are insufficiently cute, so I have abandoned that idea. They are knitted with Jitterbug yarn, which is much thicker than I usually use for socks, but Rebecca, who will be wearing them, selected the yarn. She has another pair knitted from Jitterbug, and she likes them very well.

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