Friday, February 29, 2008

A teetery day

Here is a better picture of the socks I made, now that both are done. I could not take a picture of both, however, because my model and I have not crossed paths during daylight hours for several days, and so I had to take my own foot. This meant that I had to stand on one and take a picture of the other. The socks were knitted with Jitterbug yarn, using my new Knitpicks needles. These needles are fabulous – actually the best I have used for this sort of knitting. Their new exchangeable points circulars are every bit as nice as my Audis. They are slick, and the points are very pointy. There are times when less slick is desirable, and then I would use wooden needles, but for this yarn and these socks, they were wonderful. The design, which was easy to memorize, and fun to knit, is from Interweave Knits “Favorite Socks” and these just might be – favorite socks, that is!

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Petra said...

The socks came out very nice! I just love "Favorite Socks". Another favorite of mine in this book is "Merino Lace".