Friday, February 1, 2008

A dull day - a dull week, in fact.

No news this week – just cleaning the house and taking care of patients, both pleasant, but interesting only to those doing it. Here is a picture of my cranberry shawl which I finished just before Christmas. I made it from a lovely skein (only one!) of Fly Designs Lace Wing sock yarn – a present from Rebecca. It was wonderful yarn to work with - rather firm but soft, and the resulting pattern detail showed well. Unfortunately I never go anywhere fancy, so I have only worn it once – to a birthday party in a restaurant much too posh for my usual outings. Whenever I go to church – my only dress-up haunt – I nearly always have a choir robe on, so it doesn’t seem worth the trouble to really dress up to go there.


SaRi said...

This is such a beauty, too bad, you have so few occassions to show it around.

Samos said...

It looks especially great with the white showing through! I bet it would look really great with some sort of white blouse or dress... Maybe at your next wonderful nurse award ceremony!