Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A traumatic day

Oh my gosh! What an afternoon! I was making potato spinach soup and ciabatta this afternoon for our dinner, and now I am all atremble! First off, Rebecca had taken her couscous maker from an over the counter shelf, and that not being there caused another big metal bowl to fall down onto its bottom, and that caused a measuring cup to fall to the counter onto the area where I was cooking! I leapt four feet at least. Shortly after this, in my already trembling, shattered state, I started my potatoes in the pressure cooker, which would not come to pressure. I was standing (far away, fortunately) watching, waiting and wondering, thinking it had been far too long, and it should be doing something, when BANG!!!! An explosion of steam, soup all over, my plants scalded, and it came to pressure. I was not at all sure what to do next, so I crept up and slid it off the heat. It stayed at pressure for a while, and when I finally dared open it, the potatoes were nicely cooked. Rachael came home just then, and was comforting and cheery. The soup, at any rate, was delicious! And so was the ciabatta. Rachael, my aunt, and I had a pleasant dinner despite my traumas.

Any suggestions as to why this happened? Maybe I had the pot too full. The person who knows all will not call or answer email! Sigh!

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