Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I had planned to bring my camera on my walk with Rebecca to the University District, but alas, I forgot it. When I got to her apartment, we decided to bring hers so we could take nice blog pictures, but alas again, we forgot her camera as well. Then, as we walked along, she delightedly pointed out the interesting things we saw which would have made lovely pictures that we now could not take! Perhaps the most remarkable were some very yellow mushrooms nestled among the mosses and ferns on a fallen log. They looked like egg yolks in a bed of spinach – (ferns Florentine??) and were the brightest, most colorful mushrooms I had ever seen. The amanita muscaria are lovely as well, and fascinating in their sinister properties, but not so strikingly vibrant as these were. Sadly, they will be gone by the time we ever go back. Here then, is a picture from a previous walk along the same paths. Can you tell what it is? It’s a humming bird getting a drink from a University garden fountain!

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