Friday, February 1, 2008

I decided that I needed to branch out, breadwise. So far, all I have made are Italian breads, they being my favorites. I considered making pizza for dinner, but then, paging through The Bread Bible, I was filled with a desire for Bialys. These did not have to be started the evening before, a good thing, since I had been working and unable to do anything but plop into bed when I got home. The bialys called for bread flour which I did not have, so I used all-purpose with a handful of gluten flour. This made me nervous, as I would not be following the chemistry-lab precision of the recipe, but I took a chance. Then when I was about to put in the poppy seeds for the filling, there were none. I had been sure that I had some, but they seem to have evaporated. Rachael was relieved about this, as she has a disgust for tiny black things in her food. This was the case even when she was a baby. She wouldn’t eat the rice in the Indian restaurant until we picked all the seeds out of hers. So no poppy seeds was a good thing.

For dessert we had Mrs. Beeton’s chocolate soufflé – a yummy “fix in minutes” sort of dish. Four eggs – beat the whites, and then stir two teaspoons of sugar and one teaspoon of flour into the yolks, mix 3 oz grated chocolate into the yolk mixture, and fold it into the beaten whites. Bake it in a soufflé dish at 375 for 20 minutes and voila! Not too sweet, so you may want to sprinkle a bit of sugar on it, and maybe even some cream. We had the soufflé with some nice Balmoral tea, a gift from my friend Eileen. All in all, a New York dinner, and a Victorian dessert. Yummers!


Rebecca said...

An easier way to do the onions for bialies is to rehydrate dessicated onions (get them in the bulk section of the health food store). As well as not having to cut them up, they seem to stick betterand never end up slightly indercooked as they sometimes do when you start from fresh.

SaRi said...

Dear Joanna,
I shall try to write on the weekend. Had a couple of very busy weeks, but I am fine. Thanks!