Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A parti-luck day

Gosh – It started the evening before, or even the first teeny bit of the next day, when the trolley I was riding home from work came off of its cables, and stopped in the middle of an intersection – the one where this always happens if it does happen - and could go no further. The question was – whether to wait for the next bus, which probably couldn’t get through as that one was blocking the way, or to wend my weary way home on feet no longer fit for walking after 8+ hours of patient care. I opted to walk. Sigh. Then, when I got home, a cup fell out of the cupboard as I was preparing my evening milky drink. I was relieved to see that it didn’t break, but then noticed that it had ricocheted off my favorite mug – the one from which I drink ALL my tea. That didn’t break either, but got a seriously disfiguring chip. You can see it in the picture. The next morning, I made rice for my work dinner. I had made rice in the “Hello Kitty” microwave rice cooker several times, but never had much success. Rebecca assured me that it worked well if one followed the directions. Suspecting that this was my problem in previous attempts, I followed the directions meticulously, and found that, as usual, Rebecca was right! The rice looked perfect. However, later, when I set it on the counter at work to reheat, a new employee jogged it off. It fell “jelly side down”, so to speak. Had it been my own floor, I probably would have eaten it, thinking that the microwave would kill all germs, but there is nothing yuckier than a hospital floor – people tracking around poop, vomit, and other even worse bodily fluids. So, as the cute little person who did it was so horrified and devastated, I had to pretend it was no big deal. Actually, it wasn’t really, as I had hum bows to eat with it, and they were enough.

The “parti” facet of the luck was that I used my new scale, a late Christmas present from my friend Ana. You can see it measuring flour for the ciabatta I am about to make.

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