Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A fun, fun day

Once again, I had a huge list of tasks facing me. I had either been sick or working for the last four days, and things had piled up. My saintly aunt had wanted me to cut her toenails, and I told her I had SO MUCH TO DO that it would have to be a quick job. She agreed, and was set to come at about two o’clock after an appointment that she had. Then, this morning, I was just drifting awake after a gruesome time at work the evening before, when my phone rang. “Let’s go for a walk!” Rebecca said. It was tempting, but I said I had too much to do. “You need the exercise,” she cajoled. I really did have a ton to do, but I hadn’t seen my girl for ages (she had been working TEN days in a row, making my work issues pretty pale.) "I have to cut Dakki's toenails," I said. “You can do it later. We can have tea somewhere,” she further tempted me. I was not hard to convince, but what to tell my aunt, when I had been too busy to cut her toenails????? Well, I just told her the truth, and she took it quite well. Plus, one of my tasks was to return my library books, so I really did need to go on this walk. We had a lovely tea, and worked on our knitting – hers is Petra’s Stulpen pattern, and mine a made up by me sock pattern. Look at how nicely our knitting matches the tea! Actually, we traded teas to match our knitting, but then traded back so as to drink our own favorites. We walked through the park – two parks, in fact - and met a goodly number of cute dogs. All in all, I had a wonderful time, and when I got home, I did cut my aunt’s toenails. I won’t show you a picture of them, however!

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rebecca said...

I want to see the toenails!