Monday, August 3, 2009

A long awaited day

Only my nearest and dearest will immediately appreciate the significance of this photo. What is it? It’s my bedroom windows. The magic and wonder is that you can see through them. They now have panes of glass in them rather than boards (through which squirrels can squeeze) across them. John, the fellow who does many jobs for me said my windows all needed a lot of work. For most of the winter and during the snows, I had missing windows in the downstairs part of my house. We were chilly even with our coats on. After that ordeal, I told him not to bother with the upstairs ones. I couldn’t stand months of no windows. “Oh,” he said, “Those took so long because it was winter and I couldn’t work on them as well. The upstairs ones will go really quickly – three days a window.” That was in – I don’t even know when – maybe March. I know that in May, he started saying, “I will be done tomorrow. I promise!” He said this on a daily basis. For a lot of days, I believed him. Then I just got irked every time I heard it. Then, when I came home from work on Saturday midnight (about 90 tomorrows later), there my windows were, and there he was – putting on the final touches. I could not believe it. I have to say, that whenever he finally works on a project, his work is exquisite – way beyond what one would expect from a normal carpenter. His attention to detail is amazing, and there are always little artistic extras with every project. But the windowless waiting! I told Rachael how nice my windows were, and that she should be cheered. At this rate, hers will be in by November!


Laura said...

Beautiful!!! Is this the same handyman that cooks in a pinch also?

joannamauselina said...

The very same!

Miss Nobody said...

They look absolutely wonderful. Congratulations on having light behind the curtains again!