Sunday, August 16, 2009

A conclusive sort of day

I usually walk to work and to church through Seattle University, past its lovely fountain, and up some steps which I always refer to as the Spanish Steps since they rather resemble the steps in Rome. Sometimes if I am in a hurry to get home from church, I go a somewhat less roundabout route past the SU library and by a tree that I particularly like. Recently, however, I was rushing home from Mass, took the shorter route, and was foiled! There was construction blocking my way. Then I remembered a lovely garden sequestered behind some buildings. It is a sort of Hortus Conclusus, and is not really on the way from anywhere to anywhere. But it did let me skirt the construction. What a pleasure this little garden is. As it is hidden behind things, it is always quite and serene. I think it must have been a little prayer garden for the Jesuits who lived right next to it. A Hortus Conclusus has certain required characteristics, including a fountain, and this quiet garden fills the bill.


rebecca said...

Did you eat any Jesuit currants?

Knitman said...

Simply beautiful.A place to sit and knit and to contemplate.

Spindlicity said...

What a lovely garden to happen upon! How lucky that there was construction.