Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A delicious day

I said I would tell you about the maaahvelous dinner Rebecca prepared while I napped on her bed, and here are the yummy pictures. First, we went to the Market, and here she is purchasing vegetables from a very cute H’mong lady. She wanted to get them at another stand, but this woman was just too adorable not to purchase something from. So I had to nag a bit about it. I’m an expert at that. Actually, the reason Becca didn’t want to buy something from the cute woman was because she already had everything she needed. That is reasonable, I suppose. Rebecca is a vegan so the pasta did not have eggs but garbanzo beans all mooshed up. I think it was better for it – actually, I know it was because it was the best pasta I ever ate in my entire life!!! It was really a miraculous food of the goddesses. Our friend Julie, another goddess, was there as well. That was a bit of a miracle also. I said, “We haven’t seen Julie in a long time. Why don’t we invite her over.” So we called her, and she said that she had been driving past my house and thinking of us at that very moment, and thinking that we had better get together asap! (Naturally, she didn’t answer her cell phone as she was driving, but waited and called back a few minutes later. Julie is a woman of sense.)

PS. I am hoping Becca will put the recipe on her blog right away.

PPS. Update! She did put it here.


FugueStateKnits said...

Oh dear, I'm going to have to avoid your blog while I'm watching the carbs (Just kidding!) That looks delicious!

Laura said...

Looks lovely - the fresh ingredients and the final product do look delicious. You are lucky to have such a fabulous cook in the family!