Monday, August 10, 2009

A day downtown

I had planned to spend Saturday staring at the wall in order to recover from my gruesome week at work. However, Rebecca, knowing that I am a major fan of Julia, invited me to go to the Julia Child movie. The bargain matinee was at 1030. This meant leaping out of bed – actually staggering down to the kitchen for the first cuppa – at the crack of dawn – and trotting downtown before the crowds arrived. It was a somewhat subdued downtown in the early morning, but when we came out of the movie – which was wonderful, by the way - the crowds had arrived. I love downtown Seattle. There is always excitement and a frisson of energy in the air. And always fun things to see- like this cyanotic window display. We went to the Market for vegetables, and on the way saw several pigs. One was a huge pig truck in a parking lot, selling some food item which was surely not vegetarian. There was a new pig in the Market, high up. And a Vietnamese wedding party nearby. We later saw the wedding party coming out of Tully's, all supplied with some exotic coffee drink. Then my own little Julia Child took me home and cooked me a lovely dinner which I will tell you about tomorrow. Or so.

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Knitman said...

I don't know who she is so don't know which film you saw. That pig truck is amazing!