Sunday, August 23, 2009

A retrospective day

I told you I had been going to make a meal-in-minutes for Ana, but that it turned out to be a meal in far more minutes than I had anticipated, resulting in us spending more time in the kitchen and less time knitting in front of our movies than we had planned. Later, I was speculating as to why this was as it was, and decided that making bread had been a big part of the problem. I always think of making bread as something that you have to be there for, but as something that really doesn’t take up much time. But I think it did take up a bit. Everything else really was pretty quick. We had wonderful tomato salad from Ana's garden. I made a tomato feta tart – very good. You can find the recipe here. I left off the chorizo, naturally. I recommend it for a quick and impressive dinner dish. The Sunburst Carrot Salad requires a little time to prepare the carrots, but with an efficient vegetable peeler, that goes quickly too. I made the yogurt ice cream in the morning, and that too is ready in minutes. We put a blueberry topping on it. The recipe for that is very complex. Here it is: Take about half a cup of frozen blueberries, add about two tablespoons of sugar, and microwave it for two minutes. Voila! Your guests will think you worked on it all day!


rebecca said...

You can get nice Soyrizo at the Madison Market!

Laura said...

Really glad you have added your recipes for the yummy looking food!!!