Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another hellishly hot day!

Ana and I were planning to watch movies all day today, and start work on our sweaters for our Japanese sweater knitalong group, a group with two members. I, of course, took way longer to fix our food than I planned. It was all meals-in-minutes sorts of dishes, but very little takes me only minutes to prepare. While things were cooking, we put Ana’s lovely sweater on the wooly board. Isn’t it fabulous? Then we took pictures of my brown scarf – or is it big enough to be called a shawl? Maybe a scrawl – sort of in between the two. I made it from 100 grams of sock yarn, and it is a nice size for everyday wear, I think. We finally got to our movie, and the first one we watched was “Nancy Drew, Detective” from 1938, and starring Bonita Granville. Somewhat surprisingly, we liked it a lot! We are now both Bonita Granville fans. Maybe we will start another group - a fan club - also with two members. Then we decided to watch “Scoop,” given that it had a similar theme – intrepid girl reporter/sleuth goes after monstrous murderer and nearly gets murdered herself in the process. But the temperature was rising and about 20 minutes into Scoop, it was well over 90˚ in my upstairs. We couldn’t stand it. So, drooping sadly, we came downstairs, took cold showers to revivify ourselves, and worked on our knitting in the
relative comfort of my sitting room. Our knitalong group is finding that this sweater project is a little more confusing than anticipated. I am glad I am part of a group. That will help in figuring out the arcane directions.
Here is a picture of the delightfully simple and simply delicious midday treat we had. Tomatoes grown by Ana on fresh from the oven ciabatta! Yummissimo!


fleegle said...

I am glad you found the primer useful! Your sweater is gorgeous!

Janet said...

Hard to believe it's hot in Seattle. I like the knitting.