Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

Usually on Palm Sunday morning, the choir stands with quivering limbs, blue lips, and sometimes even umbrellas, singing while the congregation, warmly wrapped up in their overcoats, marches by in the procession. Given that it actually was snowing four days ago, I was sure that this would again be the early morning scenario. But what a happy surprise! The day was golden. The sun was caressing and the breezes were balsam for the soul. Here is a picture, taken by Maria, the Cathedral Photographess, of the choir members leading the Palm Sunday procession. I am in the front, and Rachael is a bit behind me. She is the one with the big smile. As you can see, we are happy to be there. On the way home, I saw some delightful dandelions. They (dandelions) are a most misunderstood flower. Not only are they beautiful, but they make delicious wine. They remind me a bit of me! (I don't mean beautiful - just sometimes misunderstood.)


Samos said...

What a great picture! Nice to see you and Rachael there. You are surely more beautiful than a Dandelion and sweeter than the wine.

Samantha Hensch said...

Joanna - I love your blog! It's been added to my must-read list :)

FugueStateKnits said...

I agree with Samos:)!
Hope your day was beautiful and meaningful!
Happy Holy Week!