Sunday, April 19, 2009

A delicious day

Last week after we went on our horticultural photographic safari, Rebecca and I had lunch at Cafe Flora. Although it is well known as a wonderful vegetarian restaurant, I had never eaten there, in part because it is rather pricey. I recently read a review of it in a national publication, so my interest was piqued anew, and when Rebecca suggested it as a special treat, I readily acceded. Our lunch was fabulous – even more so than I expected. We had French fried yams for starters, a lovely salad, and a faro dish. Très yummy! Faro is an ancient grain which I had never heard of, but Rebecca knew all about. And here is Rebecca, très cute. I can’t believe that such an adorable person is related to me!


Laura said...

Its easy to believe you have this adorable person as a relative! I will have to put Cafe Flora on my places to try list.

Lillian said...

Cafe Flora rocks. The picture looks tasty. That's also a good picture of Rebecca. I dropped off a resume at Cafe Flora; I hope they call me, so I can be a hostess there. Or a dishwasher.