Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A mutable day

The morning was gloomy and frigid. I decided to brave the elements and walk to the library anyway. The walk is one of my favorites because it is a diagonal route from my house, so there are many possible ways to go. Also, I have no other reason to be walking that way, so the infrequency of the trip makes it more interesting. Undaunted by the cold of the morning, I set off after noon, but in true Seattle fashion, the day had changed its mind and become brightly crisp – a wonder weather - sweaters but no mittens. I usually see exciting things on this trip and I planned to be a travel photo-journalist and document them. I imagined myself presenting you with pictures of a cute dog and a cute cat at the very least. The only dog I saw was an orange pit bull with pink lips, nose and eyelids – most unattractive features in a dog. In any case, I was afraid to take his picture. He probably would have sensed my feelings about pink eyelids, and being a pit bull……. I passed through a park with a playground, where I hoped to take pictures of happy children playing. Unfortunately, their caregivers were angrily trying to stop them from picking the flowers and to round them up to go home. As they herded in one, another would squirm off to the swings, the slide, or the flowerbeds. En route, I also saw some remarkable porch d├ęcor and some incredible crocheted curtains. I passed a revolutionary wall, and a wonderful wall of jasmine (or is it clematis?) whose scent was overwhelmingly exquisite. “Jasmine” means “Gift of God,” and it is little wonder it is called this. It is heavenly. When I got to the library, I realized I had forgotten the books I had intended to return. Oh, well, they weren’t quite due, and it was a very pleasant walk.


Knitman said...

Your writing about your home make me want to visit. And forgetting the books is the type of thing I would do.

joannamauselina said...

I hope you and John will visit one of these days.