Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A blustery day

Well, spring has come and gone. It was two days long. Yesterday was almost too warm, and so, deluded, I dressed in my Spring Frock. However, today there is a chill wind, so I froze in my April attire. After my monthly lunch with my friend Eileen, I walked to Pike Place Market to do some seasonal shopping, i.e., assisting the Osterhäsin in her preparations. On the way, I met some interesting folk. This adorable grey person is named Blossom. She was so soft and sweet, and reminded me that an Irish wolfhound would fit nicely into my family. I’m sure Margaret would like a big sister. While walking about the Market, I kept hearing a rooster, but I thought it must be a mechanical creature
advertising something. Not so. It was real, and it had a wife. The Pike Place musicians were undeterred by the blustery weather, and were in fine form. This group is my favorite. They sing Gospel music and perform in front of the original Starbucks, which you can see a peek of behind them. You can hear them here, but they sound much better in person. In fact, they sound fabulous, and anyone listening to them cannot help but be a little happier.


Anonymous said...

An Irish Wolfhound would be the perfect dog :) I think boys might be easier to find; I've never seen a girl up for adoption.

Janet said...

What fun to read through your blogs. I'll make a comment on this one as I sit here in Dublin Ireland wearing my newly acquired Starbuck's hooded sweatshirt. My husband and I spent the past 3 weeks in Seattle (Ballard) where we welcomed a new grandson. One of our forays was down to Pike Place Market but not on Easter to hear the singers. Maybe next year. We are excitedly planning to move to Ballard later this year.