Monday, February 9, 2009

A weird weather day

Why is the weather such an endlessly fascinating topic? I guess maybe it is only that compelling when it is one’s own weather and not that of someone faraway. But mine has been odd today. I woke up in the night and was shocked because it was so light – and a strange white light filling my bedroom. At first, I thought I had grievously overslept. I pried my eyes open and realized I had only been asleep for an hour. I rolled over and looked out the window to see that snow was coming down like cats and dogs. Or maybe more like kittens and lambs – thick and fluffy. Groan! Then I realized that I didn’t have to go to work, so less of a groan. It was a sunny, cold day, and Samos and I went to lunch at a Vietnamese vegan restaurant. We had fake salmon, very yummy. Later, while I was suffering with more Tom Estate Ordeal (almost all done - Hurrah!), I heard sounds like zillions of needles and pins dropping on the house. Margaret, who is quite fierce at all sorts of weather, oddly did not initially notice. It was hail, and it went on and on. She did eventually notice and is valiantly protecting me from it even now.
You are probably wondering what this other picture has to do with anything. I woke this morning to snow, and a day or two ago, I awoke to noises outside my window. I got up to see what it was, and it was this fellow. Right there! I could not believe it. He was not slyly spying, however. He was fixing something electrical.


rebecca said...

I'd been up about 20 minutes before I looked out my window at 4:40 in the morning and saw the pouring-down snow. I was so excited!

Knitman said...

Our snow has gone. we have no flooding in various parts, not here.
Please stop showing all this food I cannot eat!

Samos said...

The snow is a gift from the Supreme Master. It is her way of asking us to stay cool, and to come back soon to partake of her vegan salmon... :-)

FugueStateKnits said...

I like Samos' philosophy!
Our snow is not only gone, but it has been in the 50s and 60s (F) and today it got up to 72 degrees F! But, there's no global warming!