Friday, February 20, 2009

A busy day

Today was rather busy and non-stop. I got up late, drank some tea, and left for a lunch date with my friend Eileen. She was pleased that she had just gotten an article published and brought me a copy. It was about safe patient handling – a topic not innately interesting to most, but quite the current topic just now. The “safe” is safe for the nurse as well as the patient. Nurses are right up there with loggers and firemen in the on-the-job injury lists. And back injuries are all too common. Then I was off to endure another dreadful encounter with the personnel at the bank where I have Tom’s estate account. They wanted to charge me $5 to print up a statement. I pointed out that they would not let me access the account by computer, and had never sent me a statement, so how was I supposed to keep track of it. I can’t believe they are still in business. Actually, I guess they aren’t since they just went under and were taken over by another bank. At the bus stop I met this young man who’s name, he told me, is Tobias. Initially I thought Tobias was the cat, as Tobias seems like a good cat name. When I arrived home, Harry the terrier and his mom were playing fetch in the park near my house. Harry had elected to bring his green dinosaur to play with today. Margaret came out to say “Hi” to Harry, but she was far more interested in the dog treats that Harry’s mom had in her bag than in playing fetch with a dinosaur. So I threw the dinosaur for Harry while Margaret cajoled Harry’s mom for one treat after another. Margaret is hard to resist, so she had about a dinner’s worth of dog biscuits. Then off to the Family Kitchen and then the dress rehearsal for Great Music for Great Cathedrals. A fun and interesting day for me, but not a very interesting story for you, I am afraid. But cute pictures at any rate.


rebecca said...

Margaret sure loves Harry's mom's cookies!

Knitman said...

Someone I know was a nurse and is now disabled thru back injury on the job. I knew a man years ago who took his Si_Rex out on a lead everywhere.

Betty Bogue said...

13 years ago, I started Prevent, Inc; which uses nurses to develop, educate healthcare organizations on implementing successful safe patient handling program. Today we have successfully implemented almost 700 program across the healthcare spectrum and reduce employee patient handling injuries by at least 80%! Thanks for building awareness of this need.