Thursday, February 26, 2009

A BFF day

I mentioned that Lillian was at Rachael’s birthday party. Rachael and Lillian have been friends forever – nearly since toddlerhood. I remember once when Lillian, three or four at the time, came with her dad to visit. Rachael was sick in bed and couldn’t play, so Lillian went upstairs to say “Hi.” I came upstairs after a bit, and Lillian was sitting in a little chair next to Rachael’s bed in the darkened room, and was quietly reading stories to Rachael. I don’t remember if she was actually even a reader yet, or if she was making them up, but in any case, it was a sweet picture. And Lillian is still a sweet girl. I think the youth of the day prefer to be something other than "Sweet," but what can I say? She is also smart, pretty, polite and all things nice. No snakes, snails, or puppy dog tails. Most of the time, anyway.


FugueStateKnits said...

Lovely! True friendship sometimes seems like it's become a dying grace! But I have hope:)

Knitman said...

How they have changed! Both are going to be very attractive women.

Lillian said...

Oh wow, I have my own label/tag for blogposts of yours! I remember that time when I read stories, too. I think Rachael was sick when I did that.