Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Surgical Day

Occasionally, I look at Joannamauselina’s stats, and, more interesting than the numbers, at the things folks have googled to arrive there.  One common search thread is “hand surgery stitches.”  So, I anticipate that the quest for surgery pictures will bring a few visitors to this page as well.  The auntly surgeries and mishaps seem to be of world wide interest, while all along I had been thinking that interest would be limited to my more immediate family.  This is Pauline’s second hand surgery, (click here to see the first) and it looks pretty impressive, don’t you think?  Aunt Dakki’s eye surgery was photogenic as well. 

Every so often, Pauline and I have lunch – tomato soup, crackers, and cheese (Yum!) and I give her a mini pedicure.  Yesterday, I brought along some Mochi ice cream for dessert.  Now, I was forgetting that Pauline is the type of girl who eats pizza and French fries with a fork, so naturally, she would eat her mochi ice cream with a spoon.  And I forgot that she would be trying to do this with only one hand.  This proved difficult, but she was up to it. 



I. F. said...

I checked the "twinsabroad" stats and found out that many people link to my blog from your blog! Thanks for all the free advertising!

As you'll notice, I finally figured out how to post comments easily by not logging out of my Google account every time.

Marta said...

Extremely impressive stiches.

Did you know that your friend Ana's
(or Anna's) Grandfather lived in a cabin far away from civilization & used to stitch his own wounds/

SaRi said...

Dear Joanna,

thank you for the wonderful surprise. As soon as my mail program is back to work, I will send a mail.