Friday, September 23, 2011

Yet another great day!

Fellow bloggers, Maria, Corinna, and Brian

Fun, fun, fun!  That is the Hunthausen Golf Tournament. I look forward to it anxiously all summer.  My friend Maria, who is in charge of it all, looks forward to it anxiously all summer as well, but I think her anxiety is of a different sort.  She lets me volunteer, and I feign working hard, but actually, I am just having a great time.  The idyllic surroundings – lots of trees, a fabulous fountain spurting up from a lovely lakelet, darling duckies, all go to make a delightful afternoon. I was a failed photographer this year, so I only have a few for you.  I was desperate to get a picture of the ducks who kept wandering right into the clubhouse during the pre-dinner party, perhaps looking for a glass of wine or - more likely, as they were ducks, a cocktail, but other party goers kept officiously shooing them out. 

Stacey and Archbishop Brunett

In addition to having a fun time, I brought home lots of swag.  There was a silent auction, and I won a nice little bag made by my friend Peggy.  There was a popular “wine roulette booth,” at which one paid the price and selected a cutely wrapped bottle of wine.  This would prove, in most cases, to be wine very ordinaire, or maybe a bottle of wine somewhat better than ordinaire, but there was a possibility of getting some spectacular vintage, which would, no doubt, be wasted on me.  I am certainly not among the wine cognoscenti, and am happy if it just tastes nice.

There was also a mystery gift table, and again one paid the price, with the potential of getting something fabulous – in this case, a huge Nordstrom gift card – but this is what I got.  Not something I would have selected, but he will be a good companion for my Garten Zwerge.

My cute new purse is in the background.

The dinner was great too!


Marta said...

You have been busy. Enjoyed reading about the golf tournament.
Sweet photo of Burnett and Stacey.
The "whatever" has a charm all its own. It will look good in your garden.

Thanks for sharing. Blogs are a bit of work.

Lorette said...

That looks like a very great day, indeed!
I laughed at your wine comments. We pretend that we know about good wine, but one time we had a party where we wrapped several bottles in foil to hide the labels. Some of them were fine French vintages, I picked the 3 buck Chuck from Trader Joe's as the best. So much for being a wine snob.