Saturday, September 10, 2011

An Almost Autumn Day

Signs of Autumn (my favorite season,) are not only in the air, but also floating through the air and drifting to the ground.

Since I no longer have a “first day of school” every September, the big autumnal event is the reconvening of our choir after our summer vacation.  It’s wonderful to see everyone again, but most wonderful of all is the music! 

Sometimes when one practices the pieces all alone at home, they can be pretty blech!  Odd intervals, difficult rhythms – and often the one alto part just doesn’t make musical sense or sound very beautiful.  Then when we all practice together, the real music unfolds.   Our motet for Sunday looked challenging on the page, and I was suitably intimidated.   However, when we all sang it on Thursday evening with the piano as accompaniment, it seemed very nice, and nice even when I reviewed it by myself.  But at the rehearsal this morning, with the real accompaniment (or most of it,) it was a astonishing! The music ranges from the gentlest whisper to the thunderous outpouring of our prayer for peace. The Saint James Mass for Peace, sung to commemorate the tragic events of ten years ago, will be very fitting, and a very moving tribute  to those lost on that day.


Samos said...

Lets be sure and get in some nice fall photo walks... :-)

Marta said...

Very well written. I agree with all your comments about the music .

It was a very moving experience. I had quite a few people comment and I'm sure we'll hear more this week.

About the leaves. I'm not quite ready for the trees to be bare. I want to see the color on the trees first.

Marta said...

I had to read this again as I had forgotten your comments about home fantastic chorister.