Monday, September 19, 2011

A Pleasant Evening

Another celebratory meal out – this time with the Aunties, to celebrate Pauline’s birthday.  She gets a two-fer from Ivar’s each year as her birthday approaches, and this year she took us out.  (I thought it was supposed to be the other way around, but I’m not complaining.)

University and Montlake bridges

The weather had been hot, hot, hot for the previous week, and then made a sudden Seattle about turn and became rainy and chilly.  Everyone else was whining about the shift, but I was delighted.  I am not a hot weather fan.  The restaurant seemed not to have noticed the change, however, and the air conditioner must have been going full blast.  I am never one to complain about the cold, but I was wishing I had worn another layer.  You can see that the Aunties came fully prepared.  Their coats did not come off even once during the meal.  

Crews on Lake Union
Our waiter was adorable, and Dakki kept saying that he looked like President Obama.  He was handsome, but shorter, rounder, and altogether cuddlier looking.  We liked him a lot.  After Dakki expatiated at length on the similarity between the two, I took a look around to assess the other waiters.  They mostly looked like characters who would be hired by Sidney Greenstreet in some 1940’s film noir.  One was the spitting image of Joe Canino, the main gangster bad guy in The Big Sleep.  I pointed this out to them, and they were initially skeptical (as they are of most of my observations,) but after a few looks about, they had to agree.  Somehow, this cheered us even more, and our dinner was now not only delicious, but had the added flavor of being just a little illicit!


Janet said...

Joanna - what fun. How did you get there? We were there about a year ago with my cousin and her husband visiting from Boston. We went at noon time and walked there from the U-District.

Laura said...

The Aunties look like they are really enjoying themselves. Wonderful pictures of the Bridges and Lake!

Samos said...

What did you have to eat? I was starting to worry, I hadn't seen a blog from you in a whole week!

joannamauselina said...

Hi Janet,
Walking sounds fun, but the Aunties are not walkers, so we did the dull, and drove.

Marta said...

Ivar's has a great view. I've never been thrilled with the food but maybe it has improved.
As always, great photos and interesting thoughts shared.