Friday, September 9, 2011

A watery day

Another day in the dumps, only to be lifted out of the doldrums by lunch and a fun outing with Samos.  He fancied Indian food, and the restaurant we used to like has gotten yucky.  Where to go that wasn’t too far afield?  He knew just the place.  (Sadly, I don’t remember the name of it, or I would recommend it to you.) Our lunch was especially yummy, and it cheered me considerably.  We were in the vicinity of the Center for Wooden Boats, so we decided to take an amble around and look at all the waterside scenes and all the wonderful boats – everything from rowboats and canoes to tug boats, (everyone’s favorite, I think) and to some pretty big ones. Yachts, maybe.  I am not sure where ordinary boats end and yachts begin, I’m afraid.  

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Laura said...

Wonderful pictures! You were lucky again to be cheered by a nice outing with a friend.

Marta said...

You've been busy.
We visited the wooden boats in Port Townsend but not in Seattle.
Great photos. If you think of the name of the cafe..let me know.

Samos said...

Thanks Joanna! That was a super fun little outing, pretty good for a fast date on the run. The restraunt was Laadla on Fairview. I'm ready to go back right away! :-)