Friday, November 26, 2010

A choir day

A few months ago, Rebecca and I were shopping, when she said, “Lookit, Annie!  Lookit!  That’s just your sort of thing.”  Woodstock Salad Dressing.  And with little hippie flowers on the label!   I didn’t really think it was just my thing, but she was persuasive, so I bought some, and I found that it actually was my thing.  Delicious!  I put it on steamed green beans, and it was an enormous success, even among non-hippies.  I used up one bottle, had a hard time finding another, but finally did.  I suggested to her that with her finely honed sense of taste, she develop a recipe, and lo!  She did.  You can find it here

On Sunday evening, my ladies choir (formally known as The Women of St. James Schola) was having a second recording session for our soon to be released best selling CD.  We had a potluck for our dinner and breaks - much needed, as we were there from four till ten!  The session was fun, the food fabulous, including the potato salad I made using Rebecca’s recipe.  Hippie Potato Salad.  I’m not putting up a recipe, as the dressing is the most important part, and you can easily see what else is in it from the picture. 


Laura said...

A CD!! Having heard the beautiful voices of your choir in St. James, I look forward to it.

rebecca said...

Your salad looks good--I'll have to try it!

Marta said...

Salad looks delicious.
Photos interesting as usual.

FugueStateKnits said...

A CD!!! Will you be on iTunes:)?? If not, where does one sign up to purchase one? Can't wait!