Monday, November 15, 2010

An odd day

 I was just thinking, “I love today!”  Those were my actual thought words.  My friends were coming to dinner and to play games after.  Super!  I was enjoying cooking for them, I love playing games (as long as I understand the game – not always a given,)  the weather was beautiful, and everything was lovely.  With this thought in my head, and feeling happy and invincible, I spilled my cup of tea on my foot.  Being momentarily quite buoyant, I quickly recovered my happy spirits.  However, I feared that it might be an omen.  It wasn’t.  Not really.  

When Becca is cooking for guests, her dinners are always complex.  She makes a little list of all the dishes she is prepariang, and puts it on the refrigerator for easy reference.  I thought that since my dinner was so basic and simple, this would be an excess of caution.  So no note.  I could easily remember it all. 
Later, after my guests left, and I was cleaning up, I went into my pantry and saw the bread that I had forgotten to serve still sitting there, glaring at me balefully.  As I was putting the remainder of the beet salad into a container, the feta which I had gotten especially for it and that I had forgotten to put on it whined, “What about me?” 

Oh well, I had a fun time, and I hope my guests did too.  I got to see Corinna’s new Ipad and Maria’s new retro photo phone app.  She took a sample picture of our cards for you.


FugueStateKnits said...

Sounds like a great day to me! What's a few missing items on the menu and a small tea mishap compared to the joy of a great evening with friends:)?

Laura said...

The beet salad is beautiful & minus the feta would be just right with me! Glad your tea wasn't too hot. retro photo app-what will they think of next. Very neat picture.

SaRi said...

Sounds like a great evening. What did you play? And beet root salad, mmh, I love it. My recipe is very simple (hardly a chance to forget an ingredient):

make a vinaigrette using a nutty oil (Argan e. g.)
freshly ground ginger
cooked beet roots, sliced

Mix well, eat warm.