Saturday, November 20, 2010

A brilliant autumn day

It was a sparkling fall day, so Samos and I took a walk in the Arboretum.  There was a bit of autumn color left, but the predominant theme was green and gray.  It was a day to marvel at mushrooms and the oft overlooked beauty of the tree barks – now exposed in all their wondrous variety.  We took quite a gander, and walked along the road, along some trails, and along what we thought was a trail, but seemed to actually be an underground stream bed, now coming to life after the recent rains. It was a morass of slime, and very slippery.  Several times, I had to squawk loudly and flail my arms about to keep my balance as I felt my feet skidding from under me as I made my way along through the goo.  Samos had his camera at the ready, so as to catch a snap of me when I fell into the very muddy morass, but he was disappointed.  I was mud to the knees, but managed to keep it that.

Here I am looking like a peasant out for a day of mushrooming!

Blogger seems to be having issues with picture placement today.  Or maybe the problem is that I am having issues with picture placement. 


Samos said...

That was supr fun! I'm still finding all kinds of strange mushrooms all over my yard. :-)

Laura said...

Gorgeous mid-fall pictures with things starting to look at their end but still so beautiful. I have enjoyed all the mushroom pictures -don't see so many around my neighborhood. Sorry I didn't see the mud picture :)

Marta said...

Love your writing and your great photos.
Another variety of mushroom is all over our yard. I know very little about mushrooms but this variety is edible. However, not much flavor.