Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another busy day

First person articles in nursing journals frequently begin, “I work in a busy med/surg unit……”  Somehow, this always irks me, my hackles go up, and I read the remainder of the article with a jaundiced eye.  (I think “jaundiced eye” may be what my friend Tom used to call a Ryanism – something we Ryans all said, but that no one else in the world said.  My mother was the originator of many Ryanisms, and my father’s mother invented quite a few as well.  Oops!  Just looked it up and it is not a Ryanism at all, but is a real thing.)  Anyway, it is an annoying beginning to an article.  If you work in a med/surg unit, it is busy.  Period.  That said to prepare you, Ana and I had a very busy day.  We had an overly full agenda, and had to keep trimming items from it when we saw that we were never going to be able to do it all.   
A few weeks ago, we made crème brulée, and while it was super delicious, we later realized that each serving had a day’s worth of calories in it.  We decided to make tapioca brulée, and found it to be just as yummy.  Dakki had never had anything brulée before, and was amazed.  She had a lot to say as we were preparing it.  “What ever are you doing? Why would anyone want to do that?  This will never work.  Watch out! You’re going to burn the house down.  What’s the point?  Where did you get that thing?” and the like.  She was skepticism personified till she took the first bite!  Then she was a convert. 

Paramount on our agenda was watching “David Copperfield.”   That was a wonderful, misty-eyed experience.  Here we are in my freezing bedroom, just settling down to enjoy the movie.

We also blocked Ana’s most recent sweater, shown here in all its  glory.  Ana seems to be able to knit five of then in the time it takes me to knit one. 

PS We saw the lovely amanita as we walked to the store.  Look, but don’t  eat this one!


rebecca said...

No recipe for the pudding????

Laura said...

Enjoyed reading the account of your delightfully busy day. Your cooking always looks so good1

Samos said...

Mushroom is beautiful! None of the mushrooms in my yard is that amazing... A friend and I ate one when we were teens... The right amount and you'll get high, a little bit more and you'll die! Samos, :-)

Marta said...

Love the photo of the mushroom. My yard is full of them. I've noticed several varieties but they seem to have personality without beauty.

Enjoyed the entire blog.
Thanks for sharing.

SaRi said...

Very nice cardigan.