Monday, May 31, 2010

An optical day

Ah, the auntly eyes! Yet another ophthalmic adventure! First, Dakki got her miraculous cataract surgery, after which, true to form, she grumbled that now her one eye was better than the other (i.e., she could actually see out of it) and she was unbalanced. She wished she hadn’t had it done, and was still her old bat-blind self. At least her eyes were equal when she couldn’t see out of either of them. (Sigh!)
Then Pauline fell on her face downtown and got a black eye, and now she has had cataract surgery! She was supposed to have someone with her for the first twenty-four hours, so I stayed with her and we had a pretty fun day. She had to be NPO for the surgery, so afterward, we came home and had a nice late breakfast of Grapenuts, her favorite and her daily ritual. Then, as we hadn’t gotten home till towards the end of the breakfast portion of the day, it was soon time for lunch. I made eggs Benedict minus the ham, and with healthy Hollandaise sauce – made from buttermilk rather than butter. Much better for you. Joseph, who is just now eating only supremely healthy things, and who hates poached eggs, brought his own special organic health bread and cheese. Then, since we had had such a late breakfast, and consequently, a late lunch, it was soon time for dinner. Pauline had made a lovely minestrone the day previous, and we had that with fruit salad. Wow! By the time Joseph came for the night shift, I was full as a tick! What a day of eating – one meal on top of another – bing, bing, bing.

Here is Pauline in the recovery area, and later with Rachael, who paid a welcome visit to the patient.

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