Saturday, May 29, 2010

A slightly horrifying day

Tom Jones is one of my most favorite movies, and the Seattle library doesn’t have it!! I know that they used to because Rachael and I watched it in the not terribly distant past. Ana had never seen it, so we decided to knit, have dinner, and watch it. The movie, of course, was wonderful. I can’t believe that it is almost fifty years old. I also can’t believe that most of my youthful friends (i.e., those under fifty) have not seen it. It seems so fresh and new. Talk about playing with one’s food! Talk about lustful eating! It was wonderful.
The next evening was choir practice night, and on the way home, I returned my library materials, dumping them into the after-hours slot. Several hours later, I awoke with a jerk, and realized that among my library returns was Tom Jones, which I had actually rented at the video store – worse yet, on Rebecca’s account. I was horrified. I set my alarm for the time the library opened the next morning, and called them the first thing. They were most sympathetic, found it, and set it aside on the reserves shelf. The special reserves shelf – the one where you have to ask the library lady to get your books.
What a relief it was to get it back.

Click here to see the funniest eating scene ever.


Laura said...

A classic! All my movies are from Netflix now-I'm hooked. Have you ever seen the 1928 "The Passion of Joan of Arc"? You would love it.

rebecca said...

I would have been real mad if you had lost it! It's lucky you realized so quickly.