Monday, May 10, 2010

A Happy Mother's Day

Gosh, I haven’t reported on Mother’s Day. It was great. Nearly every year, either Rebecca or I, or both, work on Mother’s Day, and so don’t really celebrate ourselves till later. It was so this year. She worked from dawn to dusk, helping deliver those babies. Every choir “semester,” there is one Sunday which is boys only, and another which is girls only, thus giving half the choir a Sunday off. My evening choir though, is always girls only, so there is never a day off from it. Usually, on “Boys Only” Sundays I go anyway because I love to hear them. And usually, they sing with the children’s choir (the Schola Cantorum,) which I really, really love to hear. But this year, I decided that I needed a day of rest, so I did the Sunday Crossword instead. Rachael and I went out to lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant, and then we all three met for dinner after the evening Mass, and after Rebecca’s work day. I had planned to have only a cup of tea for dinner, as I had a tiny headache and a teensy upset tummy, but there was French Toast on the menu, and I couldn’t resist it. Later, I wished that I had resisted, but there you are. I am weak. I came home and went straight to bed and to sleep. Nonetheless, I felt that I had had a lovely day with both of my girls, and the with the Sunday crossword.


rebecca said...

Rachael sure was devoted, spending the whole day celebrating with you!

Petra said...

Well I didn't have much of a Mother's day since we had First Communion. At least I didn't have to cook this year since we celebrated in a Restaurant after mass. But later I attended upon 16 family members for coffee and cake.
Nice you had a lovely day!