Thursday, May 6, 2010

A sweet day

My friend Mary Anne, a fellow Cathedralite and Family Kitchen worker, has started a candy company. And she is making candy exclusively from goat’s milk! I don’t mean exclusively in that there are no other ingredients – of course there are chocolate, sugar, and other candy necessaries, but the milk is exclusively goat. That’s pretty exclusive, if you ask me. I have a real weakness for goats. In my opinion, a baby goat is one of the world’s cutest creatures. Once I house sat for the owner of a goat, and I got to milk her every morning and pet her throughout the day. It was a thrilling adventure for me.

When Mary Anne started out, she did a lot of experimenting, and of course, some of the results were not as perfect as others. She frequently brought her “imperfectons” to the Family Kitchen, both for her colleagues and for the guests. And what she considered her failures, we considered scrumptious! Her Pastillas were the most delicious candy I ever ate! So occasionally, I have to splurge and get a few. I then hide them away from family and self, and have a special treat when desperately needed – like after a rough night at work, or a day of strenuous house cleaning.

Mary Anne’s candy is available in several places throughout the Seattle area. You can get some at the Pike Place Market, both at the Creamery and in the Blue Rose Dairy stall. This truly yummy treat is also available online.


Samos said...

Awesome! Can't wait to try them! She looks familiar, have I met her? Is she a nurse too? It would make some sense, since nurses love treats! :-)

Laura said...

I'm looking forward to trying one of those yummy goat milk treats! I'm a fan of goats too.

Mary Anne said...

Thank you for posting about Goat Milk Candy Joanna!

Petra said...

Sounds interesting. I've never heard of Goat milk candy before!