Monday, May 17, 2010

A happy day

I have the feeling that I have lots to tell you, but now that I have a few minutes to do it, it all eludes me. What has happened lately that would be interesting to anyone other than me? Not much! One major event however, was the fixing of the frog water faucet near my front porch. A winter or so ago, the pipe froze and sprang a leak. The marvelous Ken came to the rescue and fixed it by cutting off the leaky part and placing a cap on the rest. The little frog lay nearby, sadly awaiting his re-enthronement, and no one seemed to care. Including me. Actually, I did care, but just not enough to do anything about it, or, more to the point, to even nag anyone else about doing something about it. I would pass it by, reassure myself that the frog was still there, see the little fellow languishing, and think, “I had better get that fixed,” go into the house, and promptly forget about it. Well! The marvelous Ken came to the rescue yet again, (without even being nagged, I might add,) and the froggie is happy again, adorning his faucet. I was thrilled. And yesterday, Becca, looking at the pictures in my camera, said, “He’s back!” “Who?” I asked. “Well, the frog, of course.” Later, Rachael was looking at the pictures, and said, “He’s back!” “Who?” I stupidly asked again. “The frog. And he is running water.” We are all happy about the seeming resurrection of the frog. Thank you again, Ken.

A few days ago, Becca and I walked to the University District, and even further to the University Village. I had thought this would be way to far, but she assured me that it was not. As always, she was right. We had a lovely walk on a sparkling day. When we were leaving her house, I realized I had forgotten my camera. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ll take pictures for you. You direct.” Somehow, that’s not the same. But anyway, here is one of the pictures she took. A horse and a lion.


Laura said...

The frog happily atop the pipe - oh happy day indeed! I have languishing projects too that I hope find a happy ending. I'll have to find out how you made that picture.

Joanne said...

What a pretty blog you have! As for choosing a project from Poetry In Stitches, there's no wrong choice. :-) I'm working on the Large Lace Collar pullover right now. Love it, and I figure that it will likely only be the first of many.

Samos said...

I'm glad I didn't know the frog was missing in the first place! I'll have to find some faucet upgrades myself... :-)