Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A medicinal day

Here is an update for all Dakki’s anxious fans. Her cataract surgery went very well, and she is here now, causing trouble. In other words, she is her usual self. The surgery was set for 7:45! Or at least that was the time she was supposed to be there. For both of us, this is the middle of the night, since I worked till midnight, and Dakki never retires till the wee hours. To prepare, I got everything ready and set my alarm before I went to bed. I leapt up when the alarm went off, fed Margaret and took her for her walkies, made a cup of tea, brought it with, and set off in my pajamas. I was hoping I didn’t have a flat tire or anything. Such embarrassment potential. I dropped Dakki off, came home, and went immediately back to sleep. I had turned my phone down really low for work the evening before, so, happy in the arms of Morpheus, the first thing I heard through the fogs was a very faint buzz. I struggled to consciousness, and this time got dressed, since I had to actually go inside the hospital to fetch Dakki. Here she is, charming the staff, with her cute nurse Jack, RN who is giving her her post-op instructions. One instruction was to only do light housework. When we heard this, we both snorted. The last time Dakki did any housework at all was probably 1956!

I asked Dakki for a quote for her fans, and she says to say that she was surrounded by handsome men who distracted her from any operative unpleasantness.


Samos said...

Wow! Poor Dakki... What hospital is that? It looks really old. Get well soon Dakki! I was miserable after my eye surgery, but last night I even impressed myself reading tiny little letters in the dark at work. Amazing technology... :-)

Anonymous said...

Dakki's nurse sure was cute!

Janet said...

Dakki sounds like a good patient - no wonder she has all those handsome nurses swirling around. Hope the recovery goes well.

Laura said...

Yes, I think that nurse would make anyone feel better - what a nice smile! And Dakki looks like she is enjoying the attention.