Friday, February 12, 2010

A Lucky Day

Today was a day when I thought I had very little to do before the big events of the evening. Just some errands to run. When I began deciding on my errand plan of action, I realized that the two most important items – getting gas for the car, and going to the library – were in opposite directions. Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate to drive, and that I do it as little as possible. I walk or take the bus whenever I can, and when I can’t, I carefully think out my routes so as to minimize the whole thing, and am grumpy when family members suggest little side trips. So what to do? Except for grocery shopping, I didn’t really need either of my paramount my tasks to be done today, I just needed to do them soon. So which to do? If I went for gas, I could return my almost overdue library books at another branch, and would just have to pick up my books in waiting later. This seemed like the best plan. When I got to my favorite gas station, Hilltop, probably the last remaining full service gas station in the Northern Hemisphere, the young service attendant asked, “Did you know that you have a flat tire?” Whoa! No, of course I didn’t! I got out and looked at it, and it was indeed flat. Almost down to the rim! “We can fix it,” he said. “It will take about 15 minutes.” I was thinking – what if I had decided to go to the library instead of the gas station!!!! Disaster would have ensued.

The dress rehearsal for Great Music was disaster free as well, except that I nearly passed out during the long Baroque piece. I had been so busy with my errands, Family Kitchen, and then the actual performance, that I had forgotten to drink anything since about lunch time. Knowing that consciousness is waning is a pretty horrible feeling, especially in front of about 800 people. I made it to the end of the piece, and as things were getting seriously fuzzy and lights were changing, was able to sit down. After a few minutes, I staggered to the sacristy, drank about a quart of water, and was almost fully recovered. Another lucky near miss.

Two more surreptitiously taken photos from the Wednesday rehearsal. The top is my friend Barbara showing the Jubilate! girls their moves, and the bottom one is Jim showing everyone their moves - both from The Play of Daniel portion of the program.

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Laura said...

Glorious photos! I'm looking forward to the music. My water heater went out. :( and is being worked on. If I can shower I'll be there tonight!