Saturday, February 27, 2010

A day disastrous on the domestic arts front

What a day!! My Elizabeth Zimmerman Green Sweater has had issues from the get go. I have been severely tempted to – Oh, Merciful Heavens! I just looked up, and Margaret is trying to make a nest of it!! No, Margaret, no! Bad dog! As I was saying, I have been very tempted to just abandon it. Then I think back to another sweater with an equally troubled gestation, and I realize that that sweater is now one of my favorites. So I persevere. But for how long? The most recent disaster was pretty unbelievable! Suddenly it had a hole it it. It looked like a squirrel had taken a nibble of it. I had just cut the steek, so I suppose I have only myself to blame, although I can’t see how this could have happened, and I would much rather blame a squirrel. As you can imagine, I was stunned when I saw the hole. I decided to secure the stitches and ignore the whole thing for a while.

Then this morning, as I was making scones for Rachael, I thought, “This flour has an odd texture!” If you search this blog for “This flour has an odd texture,” you might find several entries. The stories would all be similar. I was looking in my crowded little flour cupboard for self-raising flour, and with my presbyopic vision, I misread the label. These little labels, by the way, were put on by Becca and make me happy every time I see them. Unfortunately, they would be more useful if only I could see them more clearly. Once I became suspicious about the flour – after I had already put the butter in, I looked more closely at the label. What to do? I added some salt, baking powder, and baking soda, along with the milk, and the resultant scones might have been okay, except that the flour was a little past its pull date. They were definitely not unbearably light.

Then, I cleaned the refrigerator. I took the shelf with the jams out, washed it, put it back, and replaced the jams! Crash! The shelf fell out, and the jams went everywhere. No picture because I was concentrating on getting them up before Margaret licked them up and cut her tongue on the broken glass. I cleaned everything up, returned the jams to the refrigerator, and - crash! It happened again. No breakage the second time, at least.
What will happen next? I seem to be on a bad luck roll. Maybe the best thing would be to take a nap!


tribbleknits said...

I bet your sweater will be gorgeous :)

Laura said...

If there is one thing that frustrates me it's setting out to clean and then making a big mess for myself re: your jams! Alexander McCall Smith is a favorite and your picture reminded me to read him again. The scones look perfectly tasty.

SaRi said...

What a day!