Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Couple of Choir Days

The choir year seems to be both “heating up,” and at the same time, “cooling down.”  The activity apex is, of course, Holy Week and Easter.  We are all exhausted limp rags by the time we finish the fourth service of Easter Sunday.  Then there is a week of recuperation, and then things hot up a bit again.  Now, however, the “hotting up” involves not only several liturgical high points – Pentecost and Corpus Christi - but also our social calendar.  

In my case, this means another “Choir Treats” preparation event.  I have very mixed feelings about this – on one hand it is a lot of worry (I want folks to enjoy whatever it is I serve), and a lot of work in getting it all together.  But, on the other hand, cooking is one of my pleasures, especially when making food for friends, and I am always pleased when my offerings are appreciated.   Each week, there are two people assigned to bring treats, and so who one’s partner is plays a big part in the anxiety portion of this ordeal.  One time, my assigned partner went to Florida and failed to mention it. Another time, my collaborator just didn’t show up. Actually that happened more than once!  The last two times, my partner has been John (of Peggy and John), and this has significantly eased the culinary angst.  Not only does he bring a goodly portion of the fare, but in the morning, he fetches me and my food, and soothes my ruffled feathers when I begin to freak out.  “Think small,” he advised.  I took his advice this time, and thought much smaller.  I also didn’t wait, fretting all the while, till nine o’clock the evening before to begin cooking. Paced preparation is an excellent stress reduction technique.  I have to add here that I adore Peggy and John!

There I am at the end of the row, smirking at Archbishop Brunett
Another social choir event was a musical visit to the care facility where our beloved Archbishop Brunett is recovering from a stroke. Our performance was a great hit with the residents, some of whom have been Cathedral parishioners for many years. And our Archbishop was very pleased, as was I to see him and once again bask in the warm glow of his marvelous smile.  

Several more parties are in the offing, and then, after Corus Christi Sunday with its spectacular procession, summer vacation while we let the pros do the singing.  Now we are tiring and ready for that, but by September we will be in a fever to get back into those choir stalls. 

Thanks to John and Corinna for photos.


I. F. said...

Look at those beautiful madeleines! How Proustian.

Marta said...

Table looked great and food was delicious.
The photo is interesting. I didn't realize my blouse was so bright!

Pru said...

What a feast! Of course preparation must be helped by not having to manage a full time job at the same time.

Laura said...

Well that is quite a feast! Everything looks so perfect as well as delicious. Love your expression (smirk)!! Looks like you were very happy to be there.