Thursday, May 22, 2014

More Mothers' Day

Well, yes, I know.  Mother’s Day was nearly two weeks ago.  And this year, we actually celebrated it on actual Mother’s Day – a great rarity in our family, as nearly every some one of us or both, is working.  We went to church and then brunch at a nearby French restaurant, the girls splurging on fancy cocktails, while I got dessert, which I very seldom do. 

I often hear women complain of the too-useful gifts they get.  Not me! Outrage over a Mother’s Day (or worse yet, Valentine’s Day) vacuum cleaner or toaster, is not uncommon.  One of the best Christmas presents my mother ever gave me was a vacuum cleaner.  I was grateful to her every time I used it and happy that I was not still using the hand-me-down horror that she has previously rejected and passed on to me.  

I’m not sure if this was the story of an actual friend’s mother’s courtship, or of the mother of a character in a book I read recently, (sometimes life and fiction melt together,) but one family frequently laughed about the father getting his potential sweetheart a toilet plunger as a lover’s gift.  That might really be going a bit far.  But……  I actually got a plunger for a Mother’s Day present, and I was thrilled.  It was a special plunger just for the sink.  I recently had to use …. I can’t even tell you – but when I told Becca about my stopped up sink and how I had to fix it, she was filled with disgust – as I had been at the time.  She primly told me that she has a special plunger dedicated to the kitchen. I was suffused with jealousy.  And I was very pleased with my unromantic plunger present.  It was just what I wanted.  Two other unromantic gifts were a cake pan – the very size that I had frequently needed to borrow from her in order to make cakes from my super English baking book, and, from Rachael, something else I particularly wanted – a bicycle pump.  Three gifts most practical, and most appreciated.  My girls are the best!

I tested the cake pan – it’s actually a “loaf” pan - last evening, and it worked exceptionally well.

Sherry Cherry Cake from Dan Lepard


Marta said...

You have a wonderful family and they have a wonderful mother.
Plunge on!

Tootsie said...

I love practical gifts, for Christmas I asked for a screwdriver set and a new power drill!. BTW, I used your applesauce trick with my huge pills, and it really worked, I should have consulted you ages ago.