Friday, May 2, 2014

A Fascinating Day or Two

Once again, I have zero fascinating items to report.  Well, that is not quite true.  I guess it depends on your definition of fascinating.  

Here is a fascinating picture of Rebecca's cat Sheena leading a dissolute life.  Sheena asserts that it is a fake, and that someone has tampered with her picture.  Who ever would do that, I wonder.

Also fascinating, this morning, I closed my nose in the car door.  This is hard to believe, but true.  And my poor nose is injured to prove it.  Sorry, but I am not posting a picture.

Comforting view on our run

Selfie taken while actually running along.  I don't look too unhappy, do I? 
Rebecca and I are still running (actually, slowly trotting) twice a week, and it is getting better. One day we went nearly five miles.  This must have been a fluke, as usually I am mewling, whinging, and pleading to stop long before that.  This morning we only went 2.5 miles because of potential heat (which, happily, never materialized,) and other errands, and look what happened afterward. (See above.)  The whole running thing is sort of torture, but I will do anything to spend time with my girl.  I keep thinking that it will get less torturous, but once I get fitter, we just go further and faster, so it stays equally awful no matter what. 

I am always envious when folks post photos of their artistic lattes.  Given that I never drink coffee, I just get boring foam on top of my chai.  No one ever bothers to make it cute.  So today, when Becca and I got creatively topped hot apple juice, I was quite pleased, and now can post my own drink picture. 

I had a fascinatingly intriguing post-birthday dinner prepared the always fascinating Twins, and as usual, they served up something special.  We had pasta puttanesca, an artistic and delicious salad as is their norm, and Pimm’s Cup for our beverage.  This latter is something I had encountered in books, but never in person.  It was fruity, somewhat mysterious, and hyper-delicious.  In fact, it is my new favorite quaff.  

Delightful and delicious salad

During dinner, there was a crash, and some abashed looking kitties!

They recovered in time to join us watching Rosemarie, a movie I had long wanted to see. 

When I'm calling you Oo-oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo-oo

There!  That was a load of utterly fascinating material!  What more could you want?


I. F. said...

I hope your nose will be OK! You should post about your quilted masterpieces. You do look like you are having a grand time on your jog.

Laura said...

You and Becca look great - almost makes me want to take up jogging. You are getting healthy and having fun with your girl. What could be better!

Marta said...

Great blog. Do you think the cat needs re-hab. ?
Sorry about your accident.
Self inflicted injuries are horrible, the pain, and the feeling of stupidity!
Keep on jogging.

Knitman said...

I am sorry to be leaving a message for you on your blog but I have no way of contacting you otherwise. I wanted to thank you for sticking by me all these years and you don't want to think about how many years they are!

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Pru said...

I found it all fascinating! You and Becca look disgustingly fit and healthy, I take it this photo was taken before the unfortunate nose-in-car-door incident. Poor you, I hope the injury is slight and doesn't involve black eyes or a remodeled nose :-(

Delighted to hear that you've discovered Pimm's, my favorite summer tipple since I was a teenager. Just remember that if you're tempted to eat all the fruit at the bottom of the glass because it is healthy ... it has been macerating in alcohol since the drink was mixed and is POTENT!

And speaking of tipples, I think the only thing missing from Sheena's photo is, yes, a Pimm's!

Lia Nord said...

A belated happy birthday to you! It sounds like you celebrated it well. Pim's is also one of my favorite drinks, but Pru must make it stronger than I make mine, because mine isn't strong at all.

I hope your nose has recovered by now! I man
aged once to hit myself in the eye with my car door, and I broke one arm of my glasses. Then I punched myself in the same eye bending down near an armchair. It all happened around the same time, and I'm glad to say has never happened again-- so far.