Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Fun Day at the Law Library

Rules and Regulations ~ lots of them.

Libraries are always fun, but some are more fun than others.  My pal, Peggy is a law librarian at the University of Washington, and she is very, very into that sort of thing.  She particularly thinks rules and regulations are fun, and is an expert on them.  Me – I am more inclined towards fiction.  She likes that too, and in that area, our tastes mesh nicely.  While I totally understand that rules and regulations are a necessity of life, I just am not that into the particulars of them – at least beyond the ones that affect me and mine.  Despite the rules and regulations, the law library is fabulous! 

Peggy took the Twins down into the secret bowels of the library to the rare books collection.  That was indeed pretty amazing!

Lots and lots of laws - church laws, state laws, every sort of laws from everywhen and everywhere!

Fishing baskets made by Northwest Natives

The art is totally the art of local native tribes, except in the bathrooms and librarians’ break room, where the art largely is huge magnificent quilts – this time the art of local librarians, many of whom love quilts as well as laws.  Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of them.   

 The day was glorious, the campus was aglow with green, and we were having a great time!

"Mom, why won't you bring me?  I love reading, and am a big help to you when I sit on your book!"


I. F. said...

Tobias would have loved wreaking havoc among the law students, walking on their laptops, sitting on their papers, pulling the regs off the shelves.

Laura said...

Fabulous pictures!! Tobias is a lot taller than I imagined. Looks like a great yoga stretch. I love libraries and am totally jealous of this trip!

Marta said...

What a great opportunity to explore. I love anything about Scotland.
You could wear sunglasses and use Tobias as your seeing eye cat!