Thursday, June 5, 2014

An Exploration Day

Yesterday, my nurse pal, Laura and I went on an expedition into the wilds of wonderful West Seattle.  Every time I visit Laura, I think that West Seattle would be a nice place to live, with its forested parks primeval  and its beautiful beaches.  However, my Grandmother used to say that the closer one lives to Fourth and Pine (site of Fredrick and Nelson, Seattle’s wonderful, sadly departed department store) the better.  I am afraid that while not really an enthusiastic shopper, I do rather feel that one should live within walking distance of Fourth and Pine.  Fredrick’s is gone, but there is so much else that is marvelous nearby.  But – back to West Seattle.  Laura and I have been on several thrilling West Seattle excursions, and this time we explored Camp Long.  It was originally – well, it still is – a WPA project, built as a scouting facility. But now, people who are not Boy Scouts, like Laura and I, can enjoy it.  

We found a poor little dead mole on the pathway, and after admiring his dainty little hands, his velvety fur, and general beauty, we gave him a proper burial.  Minutes later, to our horror,  we found another.  We hoped that there was not some dreadful mole scourge going on.  

And a few more minutes later, as we were both thinking about food, we simultaneously realized with sinking hearts, that our close examination of the little fellow would really necessitate washing our hands before we enjoyed our little picnic.  Happily, we found a fountain, and then had a delightful repast.  It was a very fun day.  

A fun adventure followed by a fountain delight!


Laura said...

Great post of our very fun walk. You are a delightful companion to have on explorations. By the way your pictures are better than mine - every one!

joannamauselina said...

I doubt that very much! You are a famous photographer - even in a magazine!

Tootsie said...

We used to go to Camp Long with the Cub Scouts!
I did not enjoy it much, too naturey for me

Marta said...

You do take great photos. I agree with the beauty of West Seattle.
Camp Long is an interesting place.
Some day you and Laura can come out to Mackenzie Acres and help me clear our trail!