Friday, June 20, 2014

A Fun, Fun Evening

My main blog buddies have already beaten me to the draw, er - the post - about the fun Ministries Dinner.  You can see their photos here and here.  

I adore mariachi music, and was thrilled to find that there was a wonderful mariachi band, consisting mostly of a fabulous family, the Mariachi Juvenil Voces de México to entertain us!

Jim and Father Ryan joined the musicians for an encore.

Marvelous Martha was obviously having a great time!

The exquisite Twins were enjoying the music and cuisine.

Joanna was enjoying the company of Jessica!

Jim was enjoying everything!

But Little Elizabeth thought it was all a bit much!


Marta said...

Oh my. One of the photos looks just like me if I was a silly old lady!
Love the photo of you and Jessica.
The photo of you with John & Peggy is adorable.
Need I go on. They are all good.

martha said...

What great pictures! I never RSVPd, have been working until 7 or 8 most days

Laura said...

I love mariachi. The whole event looks like it was fun. Everyone is beaming! Aaah little Elizabeth looks so sweet.