Saturday, August 20, 2011

A sweaty day

I just noticed that it has been a week since I felt that I had anything blogworthy to say.  Hmmmmm!  I still don’t have anything blogworthy to say.  I have had a pretty humdrum few days lately, mostly because I have had to work a whole extra day this week.  While I love my job, I feel that I spend sufficient time doing it, and any extra is a terrible burden.  Terrible.  On one of my days off, I cleaned, grocery shopped, and did laundry.  All day long  Dull, dull, dull, I know, but somehow, after such a day, I am gratified and happy that things look tidy.  Gratifying, but not interesting.  You don’t want to hear about it, I am sure.  On the other day off, Rebecca and I went on an urban hike to the University District.  This is a pretty long walk, but not too long.  Just right, in fact, and then, as to reward ourselves for our efforts, there are quite a few restaurants to choose from when one reaches the destination.  Usually, Rebecca is ready to start long before I am, and this time was no exception. Plus, we have a deadline of sorts, since Thursday is our Family Kitchen dishwashing day, and we don’t want to be late for that.  So, as too often happens, I overslept, and then stumbled out of bed in a stupor.  I was so late that I had only 1.5 cups of tea.  Big mistake. This is really, really, not enough.  About the time we approached the Volunteer Park wading pool, and I had regaled Becca (for about the thousandth time) with my memories of coming here with my Grandmother when I was wading pool age, and how we had many nice days here with baby Rachael, I switched into heavy whine mode.  It was too hot.  I felt faint from lack of tea.  And dehydrated.  I should have gone to the potty before we left.  It was way, way too hot.  If only I could find a sprinkler and moisten my fevered brow.  Etc.  Becca was stoical about my whining, and feigned suitable sympathy. 

As I trudged and Becca sprang along, we noted the first signs of the approaching autumn.  Falling leaves, profusions of dahlias, and lovely apples.  Are apples the national fruit of Washington?  I think maybe.

As we crossed the University of Washington campus, we found a lawn sprinkler and I wetted myself down.  This improved my mood considerably.  Then at the restaurant, one of my favorites, I gulped down my huge glass of water and half of Becca’s.  She was shocked when she went to take a sip and her glass was nearly empty.  I felt much cheerier, and didn’t whine at all on the way home (by bus, I might add.  It is all uphill all the way.)


I. F. said...

That is quite the blogworthy adventure. If I walked all the way to the U District, you would never hear the end of it.

Laura said...

Thank you for working extra!! Very heroic as I well know. When I try to work extra I end up saying why ever did I do that?? You and Becca have great outings together which make for interesting reading always.

Marta said...

Yes, apple was named State fruit in 1889. Willow Goldfinch is our bird, Western rhododendron, our flower and Western Hemlock our tree.

I am so impressed with your walk.
How many miles to U. district from your home?

You have such a great blog. I still haven't figured out how to get the writing and photos in proper place.