Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Lump-like Day

Samos and I were both bummed.  I sat around my house all afternoon, feeling guilty that I simply could not summon up the energy to do any of the things I so much needed to do.  I just sat there like a sulking big lump of damp cotton ball.  He sat around his house all afternoon and felt the same.  We decided to try to cheer ourselves up by taking an energizing evening stroll through the Arboretum's swamp walk.  It was so energizing, that while we didn’t actually get lost, we traversed bits that we had never been through before.  I say we didn’t get lost, because that is what Samos kept telling me, but I was the teeniest bit anxious about it.  We even saw naked people strutting about a secluded beachlet. I’ve never seen that in the Arboretum before. (Sadly, no photos – besides, this is a G-rated blog.) We both felt significantly cheered up afterward.  

Historic Carroll's Clock at MOHAI

Samos thought this dog was enjoying himself.  I thought he looked a little apprehensive.  What do you think?


Marta said...

No nude photos. You are such a tease.

Beautiful photos of Arboretum. I need to go there.

Samos said...

Such a therapeutic outing. Thanks! :-)

Janet said...

Late evening strolls after these hot afternoons have been wonderful. But each evening the dark is descending earlier. We'll have to adjust our dinnertime soon.

Laura said...

I think the dog looks happy to be out there. He probably was looking forward to a swim.